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Passion & Dedication

As passionate travellers ourselves, we believe that it’s a huge privilege to be able to see the diversity of the world and experience different cultures, so we love using this passion to help you fulfil your own travel dreams

Knowledge & Experience

Every member of the team has an extensive travel background with precious first hand experiences to draw on, but we also love to network and research new places so that we’re always able to provide the best insights

Bespoke Itineraries

It’s important that our clients feel that they have complete control and freedom over their booking, so you can choose any hotel or activity in the world and we’ll do our best to make it happen, rarely do our clients have to compromise!

Specialising in curating incredible luxury travel experiences, here at Travel Without Limits we work with a variety of elite partners around the world who understand the high expectations of our clients. We can therefore work collaboratively to provide you with the exclusive, bespoke experience you deserve, no matter where you’re looking to explore

It’s wonderful to live in a world with such rich diversity and variety when it comes to travel, but it also brings a risk that the vast number of options becomes overwhelming. Often it can be difficult to know where to start when booking luxury travel experiences, and even more so when contemplating which reviews can be trusted, but this is where our passion and experience can be so valuable

Whether you have a clear picture of what you’re looking for, or you’re keen to seek out some inspiration, we can work together to ensure that every last detail of your itinerary is exactly as you dreamed it would be. Our unique planning style and completely bespoke approach mean that you won’t be left having to compromise on the elements that really matter to you, so that you can focus your energy on creating memories that will last a lifetime

Embark on a Journey Crafted Just for You

Are you dreaming of a trip which has been carefully curated based on your personal passions and interests to ensure that everything is exactly to your taste?

Let us be the ones to craft this dream getaway, and you can be sure that every last detail will be taken care of

The gentle sound of ocean waves and feeling of warm golden sand beneath your feet make for a perfect combination to relax and unwind, and we’ve partnered with some of the high highly regarded resorts in the world to bring you the very best in luxury escapes

City breaks present an incredible opportunity to experience different cultures and traditions with relative ease, and we’ve travelled to many cities throughout Europe and beyond, so we can use these first hand experiences when making recommendations

Whether it’s a honeymoon, anniversary or just some precious time together, travelling to celebrate your love can create magical memories that last forever, and it’s such a privilege for us to play a part in ensuring that your experience is truly unforgettable

There’s such an incredible variety of wildlife around the world, and encountering animals in their natural habitats always evokes such powerful emotions. We love arranging these magical experiences, ensuring that you make memories to last a lifetime with animals you’ve admired for years

Sometimes the more conventional holiday itinerary isn’t quite suitable for capturing the full experience of the destination, or perhaps you’re in a position to extend your trip over a longer period, so working with us gives you access to experience and knowledge to help you create the perfect multi-centre itinerary

As well as providing unique experiences around the world, we’re also the UK’s leading independent travel partner for the magnificent country of Montenegro. We’re passionate about bringing this nation of high-end luxury and spectacular scenery to UK travellers seeking something different 

Opinions from our clients...

We’re strong believers in using feedback to keep improving our service, and as you can see from these recent reviews, we’re making great progress!

“So pleased we found Travel Without Limits. The service was outstanding throughout and the holiday was up there with the best we’ve had”


Sri Lanka


“Pricing was competitive and the service was outstanding. I was able to relax knowing I was in safe hands, and I’ll definitely use TWL again”



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