Beyond Barcelona: Discover 7 Enchanting Spanish City Breaks

Join us as we explore 7 of Spain's lesser known, yet captivating, city break destinations

Spain. The mere mention is enough to conjure up images of flamenco dancers, sun-drenched beaches, and tapas galore. Barcelona and Madrid rightfully have their places in the spotlight, but Spain’s city break charm extends far beyond these bustling metropolises. Tucked away across the country are captivating cities brimming with history, culture, and architectural marvels – waiting to be explored.

So we think it’s time to ditch the crowds and embark on a luxurious adventure through some of Spain’s hidden gems. Here we’ve brought together a collection of seven exquisite destinations that don’t often get much time in the limelight, but each one promises unforgettable experiences for the city break traveller!

Cádiz: Where Sun-Kissed Shores Meet Ancient Charm

Cádiz, bathed in the golden glow of the Andalusian sun, boasts a rich history dating back to the Phoenicians in around 1100 BC. This vibrant port city pulsates with energy, offering a delightful blend of sun-drenched beaches, fascinating historical sites, and a contagious joie de vivre.
The seafront in Cádiz, Spain at sunset - a popular city break destination

Wander through the history-whispering streets of Cádiz Old Town, one of only 50 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Spain

Marvel at the imposing Cádiz Cathedral, a testament to the city’s architectural prowess

Explore the formidable fortress of Castillo de San Juan de Acre which guarded the city’s shores for over 150 years

Experience the electrifying energy of the Cádiz Carnival, a vibrant celebration held each February
The pool and hotel at Parador de Cádiz, Spain
A sea view suite at Parador de Cádiz, Spain - a perfect city break hotel

Indulge in contemporary luxury at the Parador de Cádiz. This sleek hotel perched on the waterfront boasts stunning sea views, spacious rooms, and an infinity pool perfect for soaking up the Andalusian sunshine. Unwind at the hotel’s spa or savour delectable local cuisine at its acclaimed restaurant, all while basking in the city’s infectious energy.

Girona: A Fairytale Escape in Catalonia

Transport yourself to a bygone era in Girona, a captivating city nestled in Catalonia. Enchanting medieval architecture, winding cobblestone streets, and colourful riverside houses paint a picture-perfect scene which is adored by locals and tourists alike. Girona exudes a romantic charm, offering a delightful escape for history buffs and culture enthusiasts looking for something a little different.
Aerial photo of Girona, a great city break destination in Spain
Get lost in the labyrinthine alleyways of the Girona Old Town, a treasure trove of architectural gems
Step back in time at the Jewish Quarter, a well-preserved testament to the city’s diverse past
Cross the iconic Pont de Pedra, a majestic stone bridge overlooking the Onyar River
Art lovers can delve into the collections housed in the Girona Museum of Art
A couple enjoying a city break lay by the pool at Hotel Nord 1901 Superior in Girona, Spain
A junior suite within Hotel Nord 1901 Superior in Girona, Spain

Immerse yourself in Girona’s rich heritage at Hotel Nord 1901 Superior, where this meticulously restored 19th-century building oozes elegance and heritage. Relax in its plush rooms, savour delicious meals at its acclaimed restaurant, and unwind in the charming inner courtyard – a serene oasis in the heart of the city.

A Coruña: Where History Meets Gastronomic Delights

A Coruña, a coastal gem in Galicia, boasts a rich maritime history, evident throughout it’s charming port and imposing fortifications. This vibrant city seamlessly blends historical intrigue with a modern heartbeat, offering a delightful mix of cultural experiences and culinary delights to anyone looking for some real substance to their destination.
Aerial shot of A Coruña in Spain, an ideal destination for a city break

Stroll along the city’s iconic seafront promenade, the Paseo Marítimo, and soak in the pretty ocean views

Delve into Roman history at the Tower of Hercules, another of Spain’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Explore the Plaza de María Pita, the lively heart in the centre of A Coruña

Immerse yourself in the city’s exciting culinary scene by indulging in tapas hopping with fresh seafood
The sleek indoor pool room at Hotel Plaza in A Coruña, Spain
One of the fresh, modern rooms at Hotel Plaza in A Coruña, Spain - perfect for a city break

Step into timeless elegance at the sea-facing Hotel Plaza, which invites you to unwind in it’s plush rooms, savour exquisite Galician cuisine, and admire the beautiful ocean views from it’s rooftop terrace. The hotel’s impeccable service and luxurious amenities combine to ensure a unforgettable stay in A Coruña.

Salamanca: A University City Where History Comes Alive

Salamanca, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a lively university town brimming with history and architectural grandeur – the golden sandstone buildings bathed in warm sunlight create a fairytale-like ambiance. Bustling plazas, captivating museums, and a youthful energy make Salamanca a truly fascinating city break destination.
Salamanca, Spain from the river on a sunny day
Marvel at the intricate details of the Plaza Mayor, the beating heart of Salamanca’s social scene

Be awestruck by the ornate facade of the Salamanca University, one of Europe’s oldest universities

Explore the Casa de las Conchas (House of Shells), a unique building adorned with thousands of seashells
Immerse yourself in the city’s vibrant nightlife with its lively bars and buzzing atmosphere
An exterior photo of the Hacienda Zorita estate near Salamanca, Spain which is ideal for city breaks
A selection of wines at the Hacienda Zorita winery near Salamanca, Spain

Located amidst the rolling countryside just outside Salamanca, this former Dominican monastery has been transformed into a haven of luxury. Indulge in intriguing wine tastings, explore the sprawling vineyards, pamper yourself at the lavish spa, and enjoy spectacular gourmet cuisine infused with local flavours.

Córdoba: An Ancient Tapestry of Cultures

Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Córdoba, where breathtaking Islamic architecture harmonises seamlessly with Christian heritage. The city is most renowned for it’s iconic Mezquita (Mosque-Cathedral), a UNESCO World Heritage masterpiece showcasing the intricate beauty of Moorish design, but there are many more enchanting wonders to explore throughout.
Gardens and architecture make Cordoba one of Spain's best city break destinations

Explore the symphony of arches and intricate details in the Mezquita, reflecting Córdoba’s rich heritage

Lose yourself in the narrow, flower-filled lanes of the Jewish Quarter, a reminder of the city’s diverse history

Wander through the magnificent Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos and it’s enchanting gardens

Cross the Roman Bridge at sunset, admiring the panoramic views across Córdoba in the golden light

The bright marble lobby of Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba, Spain - a perfect hotel for city break visitors
A traditionally designed room within Palacio del Bailio in Cordoba, Spain

Step back in time at the Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío, housed in a beautifully restored 16th-century palace, which even integrates some ancient Roman ruins within the architecture. Unwind in the tranquil courtyard, savour gourmet cuisine, and indulge in the hotel’s pampering spa treatments for a truly restful retreat.

Ronda: A Spectacular Clifftop Drama

Teetering on the edge of a dramatic gorge, Ronda exudes a unique, captivating charm. Split in two by the imposing El Tajo canyon, this town offers breathtaking panoramas out across the plains. It’s rich history, evident in its cobblestone streets and Moorish influences, adds to it’s romantic allure and makes it a perfect destination for couples looking for a long weekend away.
An aerial photo of Ronda, Spain showcasing the impressive bridge which is so popular amongst city break tourists
Cross the iconic Puente Nuevo (New Bridge), a marvel of 18th-century engineering spanning the El Tajo gorge
Explore Ronda’s historic old town, with it’s selection of monuments and museums

Take a tour of the remarkably well-preserved Arab Baths, the site of important religious traditions for the Moorish

Discover the fascinating history of Ronda’s bullfighting tradition at the Plaza de Toros, one of Spain’s oldest bullrings
Exterior photo of Parador de Ronda, an idea hotel for a city break
Two glasses of wine and two plates of food at the restaurant of Parador de Ronda in Spain, overlooking the valley below

Embrace Ronda’s historic charm at the Parador de Ronda, a stunning hotel located within the old Casa Consistorial (Town Hall) which is perched on the edge of the El Tajo gorge. Luxuriate in spacious rooms, savour delicious cuisine accompanied by panoramic vistas, and enjoy a dip in the refreshing pool which overlooks the dramatic landscape.

Segovia: A Roman Aqueduct and Fairytale Charm

A visit to Segovia is like being transported back in time, with it’s iconic Roman aqueduct – one of the best-preserved aqueducts in the world – dominating the skyline. This UNESCO World Heritage Site city exudes an enchanting fairytale charm, from it’s towering Alcázar to it’s atmospheric cobblestone streets, there is so much to take in whilst wandering through this special city.

A panoramic photo of the Alcazar of Segovia, Spain
Be awestruck by the incredible grandeur of the Roman Aqueduct, a true marvel of ancient engineering

Lose yourself in the maze-like streets, discovering hidden plazas and architectural gems around every corner

Explore the awe-inspiring Segovia Cathedral, famous for it’s soaring Gothic spires that can be seen from miles around

Indulge in the local specialty, Cochinillo Segovia (roasted suckling pig), a traditional family meal in Segovia

The bright, modern lobby within Convento Capuchinos, a popular hotel for city break visitors in Segovia, Spain
A bright, open suite with a four poster bed at Convento Capuchinos in Segovia, Spain

Experience quintessential luxury at the Convento Capuchinos, housed in a beautifully restored 16th-century convent. This unique hotel blends history and modernity, making for a truly memorable stay. Unwind in elegant rooms, rejuvenate in the tranquil spa, and savour locally-sourced cuisine while soaking in the hotel’s captivating ambiance.

Your Spanish City Break Adventure Awaits

Spain has a plethora of spectacular city breaks to offer outside the likes of Barcelona and Madrid, with true hidden gem cities promising a kaleidoscope of unique experiences, from sun-soaked beaches and ancient fortresses to architectural masterpieces and gastronomic delights. Each destination boasts its own distinct charm, rich history, and of course a selection of luxurious accommodation options.

Let us help you craft an unforgettable journey into the heart of Spain. Embrace the beauty of it’s lesser-known cities, indulge in world-class cuisine, and experience the warmth of Spanish hospitality. Contact us today and let the adventure begin!

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