Top 5 Wildlife Encounters

Experience the world's most iconic wildlife in their natural habitats

In my opinion, one of the most beautiful, awe-inspiring things you can do it to connect with the wildlife that is native to your destination. We have such incredible diversity across this great planet we call home, and seeing these glorious creatures in their natural environments is a real treat to behold. Here I’m going to count down my top 5 bucket-list worthy wildlife experiences, and hopefully this will give you some inspiration to set about planning your next trip!

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Trekking through the lush and captivating Ugandan forest to spot these magnificent creatures has to be one of the most fulfilling and awe-inspiring natural experiences that you can ever embark on. As you venture deep into the heart of the forest, guided by reputable experts with extensive knowledge of the area, you’ll be immersed in a world teeming with life and wonder

Every step you take brings you closer to the elusive gorillas that call this forest home. With each passing moment, anticipation builds as you inch closer to the incredible opportunity to witness these majestic creatures up close. And when you finally reach them, you’ll find yourself just about 10 meters away from these beautiful beings, giving you a chance to observe them in their natural habitat. Imagine spending precious moments in their presence, observing their behaviors, interactions, and unique characteristics. The memories created during this remarkable experience will undoubtedly last a lifetime, leaving an indelible mark on your soul

If you’re ready to embark on this extraordinary journey, I highly recommend partnering with a fantastic trekking company called Savannah Explore. With their expertise and passion for wildlife, they are dedicated to providing magical treks through the forest, ensuring an unforgettable encounter with these wonderful creatures

Wild mountain gorilla in its natural habitat

Tiger Spotting in India

When it comes to experiencing the awe-inspiring beauty of tigers in their natural habitat, there is no better place than Ranthambore National Park in northern India. This magnificent sanctuary not only houses a thriving population of more than 80 Royal Bengal Tigers but also provides them with a safe haven, shielding them from the threats of habitat loss and hunting

Immerse yourself in the captivating wilderness of Ranthambore National Park, where the regal big cats reign supreme. As you embark on an unforgettable safari adventure, be prepared to encounter not only the majestic tigers but also a diverse array of wildlife. From graceful leopards to elusive hyenas, from playful bears to ancient crocodiles, every moment spent in this extraordinary park will leave you in awe of nature’s wonders

As you explore the sprawling landscape, you will also stumble upon the remnants of past civilisations. The park’s rich history is intertwined with the present, adding an intriguing layer to your journey. Marvel at the ancient ruins and imagine the stories they hold, offering glimpses into the lives of those who once inhabited this mystical land

Rest assured, every safari at Ranthambore National Park is meticulously organised and conducted with the utmost care for the well-being and protection of the animals. You can embark on this incredible adventure knowing that your experience will be both enriching for you and respectful of the park’s magnificent inhabitants

Majestic tiger in natural habitat

Rehabilitating Sea Turtles in Sri Lanka

Can you imagine a more fulfilling and enriching experience than actively working to support the conservation of sea turtles? The Mighty Roar project in south west Sri Lanka offers a remarkable volunteer program where you can directly contribute to ensuring the wellbeing of these magnificent creatures for anywhere from 1 to 24 weeks

During your time with the project, you will have the opportunity to engage in various activities aimed at the protection and safety of sea turtles. From patrolling the beach at night to monitor nesting turtles, to releasing adorable baby turtles into the vast expanse of the sea, and even rescuing and rehabilitating injured sea turtles, you will play a vital role in their conservation efforts

Not only will you be immersed in this meaningful work, but you will also be provided with comfortable accommodation and delicious meals. The group work ethic within the project creates a truly rewarding environment, where you will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who share your passion for marine conservation

A person holding a small turtle in their hands

Bathing Elephants in Thailand

The Elephant Nature Park, located in northern Thailand, is an incredible conservation project that was established in the late 1990s. Its primary mission is to rescue and protect elephants from the threats of poaching and exploitation that they face in Thailand. Today, thanks to the dedicated efforts of the park, these majestic creatures are not only safe but also thriving in their natural habitat within the sprawling expanse of the Elephant Nature Park

When you visit the park, you’ll be amazed by the wide range of experiences available. Whether you choose a short visit or an extended stay as a volunteer, every interaction you have with these gentle giants will directly contribute to their well-being and conservation. It is truly a magical experience to witness these elephants living happily and being showered with love in their safe and nurturing environment

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature as you observe these magnificent animals up close, learning about their unique behaviours and stories. From feeding and bathing the elephants to participating in their daily care, each moment spent at the Elephant Nature Park will leave a lasting positive impact on both you and these gorgeous creatures

A tender moment captured between a protective mother elephant and her adorable offspring

Stalking the Big 5 in Tanzania

For me, there is truly nowhere on Earth that offers such a remarkable abundance of wildlife thriving in their natural habitats as an ethical safari in Tanzania. And when it comes to the best safari experiences, The Ngorongoro Conservation Area stands out without a doubt. This incredible destination, protected by the Maasai tribes, showcases their unwavering dedication to conservation and their commitment to educating visitors about these majestic creatures

The Ngorongoro Crater, in particular, provides an unparalleled opportunity to witness the Big Five: the African Elephant, Buffalo, African Lion, Leopard, and Rhino. With a multitude of ethical safari tours available, you can embark on a journey that not only brings you closer to these beautiful animals but also ensures that they are not disturbed in any way

When it comes to recommending safari tours in the Serengeti and Ngorongoro, I always turn to Done Adventures. This exceptional company, led by the incredibly knowledgeable and friendly Eugen, offers the most enchanting safari experiences that will stay etched in your memory forever. With Eugen’s expertise and their commitment to creating magical moments, you can rest assured that your safari adventure will be nothing short of extraordinary

A majestic lion resting peacefully on the grassy ground in a serene field


It was really difficult to narrow this list down to just five wildlife experiences because there are so many spectacular encounters out there to be had, including the likes of swimming the Great Barrier Reef, observing polar bears in northern Canada and exploring the vast range of flora and fauna on the Galápagos Islands

I could talk for days about all the bucket list wildlife adventures, so if any of these have caught your eye or there are any more you’d like to explore, click the link below to submit an enquiry and we can look at different options together to find the right ones for you

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