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Answering some of your most commonly asked questions about us

With so much information online about travel, it can sometimes be hard to cut to the chase and have your specific question answered, particularly when it comes to using a travel agent. So here are answers to a few of the more common questions we see, but if you have any other questions feel free to reach out and we’ll be more than happy to help

There may be some travel agents who would be offended by this question, but as experienced travellers ourselves we completely understand where it comes from! The rise of online comparison sites has been great for consumers in terms of making sure you get the best price possible, but the flip side of that is the prevelance of misinformation online which can turn a dream holiday into a nightmare trip!

By using a travel agent, you can travel with confidence knowing that everything has been carefully considered and checked, of course with your ideas and preferences in mind. As our entire team is so passionate about travel, working with clients goes beyond just picking a hotel from a list and taking your money, we make sure that no stone is left unturned and that every detail of your trip is perfectly planned along the way, bringing our own experiences to the table wherever possible.

It’s a common misconception that booking with a travel agent is more expensive, and we think this probably comes from experiences with traditional high street agencies who would typically have access to prices which weren’t too dissimilar to those you could find online. The reality in fact is that booking with a modern travel agent can actually often save you money as we’re able to access specialist rates which aren’t available to the bigger chains, and of course there’s much more flexibility than selecting from a set collection of packages.

For example a recent booking we made was for a client who dreamed of having their honeymoon in Mauritius, but when they looked online the price for the hotel they wanted was over £8,000 for two weeks! But once we looked at it together we were able to save nearly £2,000 which then meant they were within budget and are looking forward to the most incredible celebration of their marriage!

The key things that we always remind potential clients is that it’s completely free to obtain a quote from us, and you’ll never be put under any pressure to convert that quote into a booking if it’s not right for you.

In the past, travel agents tended to work with a defined group of suppliers who would put together packages based around their specified list of hotels, and then allow the travel agent to sell these on their behalf. However nowadays this is becoming less appealing as people’s travel habits have changed and there is more access to information about where to explore, so to account for that increase in destination diversity we need to be flexible to accommodate your desires.

That’s why we focus on providing each client with a trip which is completely unique to them, whether it be a relaxing week by the pool or a multi-stop trip across Europe. You deserve to do anything and everything you want to on your travels, so for us compromise is a last resort because there should be as few barriers to realising your travel dreams as possible!

Once you’re happy with what we’ve put together, there are two options for how you can access your itinerary and confirmations.

The first option is a document which can be emailed and/or printed and it’ll contain a summary of each element of your trip, as well as all of the essential confirmations you’ll need for travel so that in theory you could travel with this document alone (although we always recommend having copies of the full confirmations as well just in case!).

The second option is to make use of the fantastic trip planner app called TripMapper, a brilliant tool for keeping track of your itinerary and essential information all in one place. As a client of ours you’ll get free access to the full Trip+ experience, and we can upload your entire itinerary to the app for you to view and add to as you wish. The feedback we’ve had from clients who have used TripMapper has been great, everyone has commented on how much easier it is to follow the itinerary and access documents, making their whole travel experience more enjoyable.

We always encourage our clients to buy travel insurance when booking any type of travel because it’s one of those things that you hopefully will never need, but it can be absolutely vital if the unexpected does happen. In summer 2023, our director Ben was due to visit some suppliers in Dubai but broke his hand a couple of weeks before departing and was advised not to travel, but because he’d bought travel insurance at the time of booking the trip, he was able to reclaim all of the costs.

We do work with a handful of insurance providers and we’re always happy to share details about what they can offer, but our advice is to always do your own research so that you find the policy which is most suited to your situation. Of course we’ll provide as much information about the trip as you need to make that informed decision, but ultimately the policy has to be the one which fits your requirements.

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