Multi-Centre Holidays

See the world at your own pace with a completely unique multi-centre itinerary

Sometimes the more conventional holiday itinerary isn’t quite suitable for capturing the full experience of the destination, or perhaps you’re in a position to extend your trip over a longer period, so having access to experience and knowledge that helps you to create the perfect multi-centre itinerary can make your trip all the more memorable.

Whether it’s a road trip with stunning scenery, a rail journey taking you through magnificent cities, or island hopping between some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, we can approach it together to make sure that all your must-see highlights are factored in, as well as throwing in some local gems, all whilst working to an efficient itinerary that doesn’t leave you feeling rushed.

Our Favourite Multi-Centre Destinations


When it comes to showcasing the power and beauty of Mother Nature, very few places are able to top Iceland. The towering mountains, explosive volcanoes and awe-inspiring glaciers provide an incredible backdrop for a road trip, whether it be the full ring road or focussing on the southern or western regions

Greek Islands

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the Greek islands are largely similar to one another, but in reality there are huge differences, meaning that to get the full experience you need to do some island hopping. This approach allows you to see the best of each island, whether it be partying on Mykonos, hiking on Symi, relaxing on Naxos or snorkelling on Paxos

Route 66

One of the world’s most iconic road trips has to be the infamous Route 66, over 2,000 miles of highway stretching from downtown Chicago all the way to Santa Monica Pier in California. With many historic stops to explore along the way, Route 66 is often considered the ultimate road trip, so if you’re into American history and culture, it’s a must-do trip


Japan is a captivating country that has managed to embrace modern development at a fascinating rate, whilst still maintaining its rich cultural heritage for visitors to experience. From the quiet streets of Kyoto to the bright lights of Tokyo and the magnificent Mt Fuji in between, Japan’s infrastructure is perfectly designed for exploring this diverse country

East Coast Australia

Beautiful beaches, incredible wildlife and a fantastic atmosphere are all waiting to welcome visitors to Australia’s East Coast, one of the most popular destinations for longer itineraries. A great way to explore this stunning coastline is to hire a luxury motorhome and take your time enjoying the scenic backdrop

Europe by Train

There’s so much natural and cultural diversity flowing throughout Europe that it can feel difficult to fit it all in, however this is where you can make the most of the excellent rail infrastructure across the continent. The network extends to all four corners of the mainland, and special routes through the Alps and Norway are stand out favourites amongst visitors

Our Top Multi-Centre Travel Types

With multi-centre travel there are often plenty of stops to incorporate, and as such it’s important to consider the logistics of getting from one stop to the next efficiently, but also enjoyably. Here are a few options we can factor in when creating your unique multi-centre itinerary.

Self-Drive Tours

Self-drive tours offer unrivalled freedom and flexibility, allowing you to discover hidden gems and  embrace scenic routes along the way

A train at the station preparing to carry passengers on a multi-centre holiday

Rail Journeys

Rail journeys are perfect for a scenic and relaxing way to travel between destinations, or even to act as the main feature of the trip

A campervan at sunset showcasing the benefits of a multi-centre holiday

Motorhome Hire

Wake up to stunning new views each day & enjoy home comforts by hiring a luxurious motorhome, maximising the potential of your multi-centre trip

A cruise shit on the waters during a multi-centre holiday

Cruises and Ferries

Unwind at sea, indulge in gourmet cuisine, and enjoy onboard entertainment, perfect for seamless travel with stunning ocean views

Travel the World with Purpose & Passion

Have you got that ultimate bucket list trip always at the front of your mind, but you’re apprehensive about booking all of the component parts?

Let us take care of all that , and we’ll curate the perfect multi-centre itinerary which ticks off all of your essential stops, as well as adding in a few more special recommendations!

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